October News 2017


Make Up Testing and Testing Results

Congratulations to everyone who tested at the September testing!  You all did a great job!  This week we are back to regular classes and Make Up Testing for those of you who missed testing.  Testing results will be handed out next week.

Our next testing will be December 16th.  Children’s testing will be 10am to 1pm and the adults will be 1:30pm to 3:30pm.  More on this as we get closer.

Curriculum Schedule Change

Starting this week we will be alternating “Basics” and “Sparring” by week instead of by day.  Previously we did “Basics” on Mondays & Tuesdays and “Sparring” on Wednesdays & Thursdays with Friday often being a mix.  

Now you will get your basic training in as well be able to get sparring training in.  This new schedule will work much better for those of you who only train one day a week.  So to be clear, this week is “Basics” and next week is “Sparring” and so on.

Upcoming Events and Closings

Yojimbo Movie Night!   This movie night will be for older students only as the movie is Rated TV-MA.  Parents of children 14 and older should look up the movie online and see if you are willing to allow your teen to watch it.  Written consent for anyone younger than 18 is required.

Originally released in September of 1961, this movie follows a Ronin (Samurai without a master/lord) and how he deals with two gangs who are terrorizing a small town.  Written and directed by Akira Kurasawa and starring Toshiro Mifune.

Yojimbo Movie Night is scheduled for October 21st from 7pm to 9:30pm.  $5 a person and please bring your own snacks and drinks.  I will provide popcorn.  This is a 10 person minimum event, meaning if I don’t have 10 people going it will be canceled.  Please sign up with me in class.

Childrens Halloween Party!  This year we are changing things up and having a party for the kids!  Participants are encouraged to wear their favorite costume! Something they can run and play in.  Snacks, drinks, games and fun!  Maybe even a costume contest?!  Scheduled for October 28th at the Goffstown Parks and Rec.  1pm to 3pm!

Class Cancellation:  Due to both Trick or Treat in Goffstown and a Blood Drive being held at the Parks and Rec., there will be no classes Tuesday October 31st at the Goffstown Parks and Rec.

Kids who are Trick or Treating are reminded that they need to let their parents check all candy/treats before eating.  Also, that their parents get first dips are on the good candy!  🙂