Basic Takedowns and Throws Seminar

Let’s make use of our new mats! We will be holding a Basic Knok-bok (falling) seminar on April 14th from 10am-1pm at the Goffstown Parks&Rec. 10am-11am will be used for children students and 11:30am-1pm for adult students. What does falling mean for us? It means training ourselves to fall in such a way to cause as little to no damage as possible. Falling practice helps us for regular mundane falls as well as when an opponent throws us. Cost for the event is $10 per student.

On April 21st we will hold what is basically part two of the falling seminar: Basic Takedowns and Throws Seminar. The time slots will be the same as the above. However, in order to attend this event, you must have participated in the falling seminar. Students will put their falling practice to the test while learning how to do maneuvers like the leg hawk, reverse leg hawk, hip toss, “over hook” and “under hook”. Cost for this seminar is $20 per student.

I have a sign-up sheet for both of these seminars as well as a sign-up sheet for those interested a Taiji seminar and a field trip to the Knights Hall.