Bulsajo News June 2019

Outdoor Testing!  June 29th

June testing is fast approaching and we are all working hard and getting ready!

For new students and a reminder to all others; June testing is our annual outdoor testing and potluck.  I will start a sign-up post on our facebook page and have a physical sign up sheet with me in class. Also, we have a water balloon fight after we eat so anyone who wants to participate should bring a change of clothes.

Full doboks are usually needed for testing, but dobok pants & t-shirt will be fine for this testing as is a summer dobok.  New students who do not have a dobok yet can simply wear shorts and a plain t-shirt (no artwork). Demo team members must still be in full dobok for our demo.  Parents should bring sunscreen for their kids but I will have some with me as well. If we get rained out, we will have testing inside.

Testing will start at 10 am as usual but for BOTH kids and adults.  Please arrive by 9:45 am. The Saturday testing will only be for poomse (forms), sparring and breaking.  Everything else will be tested June 24th to June 28th in class.

Black belts (especially teens and adults) who are not testing and want to help out, please do so.  It will make breaking go by much more quickly and the help will be greatly appreciated by all.

The Outdoor Testing Checklist:

  1. Water.
  2. Towel (for sweat and or to dry off from water balloon battle).
  3. Sunscreen.
  4. Dobok (uniform or uniform pants and t-shirt).
  5. Sparring gear (if you have been sparring for more than 2 months).
  6. Change of clothes.
  7. Potluck item.
  8. A positive attitude!

Good luck to everyone who is testing!!!!

Kids Self-Defense Videos and More…

The kid’s self-defense videos are up on our youtube channel.  Just search for Bulsajo TKD and then look for the playlist. While you are there, please subscribe.  I also provided links on our Facebook page and below.   I hope everyone finds them useful.

Kids Self-Defense Techniques for June 2019 Testing.
1.  Kids beginner techniques.
2.  Kids intermediate techniques.
3.  Kids advanced techniques.

I do plan on making videos for each poomse in the near future.  They will be a good source for a quick refresher but won’t be the most detailed videos.  I may make videos of the adult self-defense techniques as well.


New Shirts!

A new sign up sheet is out at class for our new shirts.  Your choice of either a “performance” shirt or a regular t-shirt.  Both will be black with silver ink and the same design that was on our performance hoodies.  Performance t-shirts are $25 and regular t-shirts are $15. I would like to send the order out no later then the end of the first week of June.  Please speak with me if you have any questions.