Some quick things:

Outdoor Testing & Testing Results

Congratulations to everyone who tested! Thank you to everyone involved!  Your help and participation make our events run smoothly and hopefully fun for all.
Belts are in and so this week we shall be handing out testing results.  There are still a few who need to do “make-up” testing so please wish them luck if you see them in class.  Our next testing will be in September 2019.

Park & Rec.’s Summer Weather Cancellations

It’s that time of the year again for the folks who work at the Parks & Rec., they are running their annual summer camp.   What does that mean for us who train at the Parks & Rec.?
If it rains on a Tuesday or Thursday there is a very good chance that we will have to cancel our first children’s class that day.  So if you notice it’s raining, please check our main site, our FB, and or look for an email from us. You can also call/text the Bulsajo cell (603-703-1914), or email / FB message me.  Please treat this as a snow cancellation in winter. If you want to schedule a make-up class please let me know and I am very sorry for this inconvenience.  

Parks & Rec. Prices

I was asked to post our Parks & Rec. prices for clarification as we have many students moving from the kid’s classes to the Teens/Adults class.  Prices are for one or two classes a week per month.

  • Kids:  1 class = $40 / 2 classes = $50
  • Adults: 1 class = $50 / 2 classes = $60
  • Weapons class: $10 a month.