Class Cancelation Notice For All Students.

Goffstown YMCA & Goffstown Parks and Recreation.

Some sad news, but better to be safe than sorry.

Both the YMCA Allard Center and the Goffstown Parks & Rec are canceling all their group fitness classes.  This includes our classes as well. The YMCA will tentatively reopen March 30th and the Parks & Rec. after April 3rd.  This, of course, cancels our March 30th testing.

I would like to remind all students, especially those who were going to be testing, that you should be practicing at home.  With schools shutting down for a few weeks, I know kids will have plenty of time to put some in training. So please stay focused and be sure to practice at home.

To all my students and their families, please keep yourself up to date with all info on Covid-19.   While most of us could probably fend off of the illness, I am sure that we all have friends and family that would not.  Off the top of my head, I can think of seven people in my friends and family who would probably not do well with this virus.  Please take the proper precautions to help keep the virus from spreading and your friends and family safe.

Hopefully, this will die down soon and our lives will get back to their regular routines.  Don’t panic, stay safe, be positive… and keep training! Classes will reopen and testing will be rescheduled, we are simply between rounds and the fight is not over.

Thank you for your understanding and please stay healthy and safe everyone.
Master Andy