Group Workout & Zoom Stuff

Zoom Class Password

For another level of security, I’ve decided to add a password for our classes.  This password should be good until May 15th.  I do not want to post it on Facebook, our website or even through a newsletter.  So, please email/message me for the password.  

Wednesday Morning Group Workout!

This is mostly intended for teens/adults, but anyone who wants to try is welcome to.  We will be using Google Hangouts instead of Zoom.  There doesn’t seem to be away to create a meeting/class with hangouts unless I upgrade to Hangout Meet.  But we can still have 25 people in a call and all we have to do is invite each other.  So, I will need your email address (that is connected to a google account) in order to invite you to the workout.  

The workout will start around 10:30ish.  We should be on the call at 10:15 or so.  You’ll want to have a safe area to workout in, water, sweat towel, and a sturdy chair (lol not for taking a break in).  If you have some dumbells or kettlebells, you will have more exercise options. We’re going to do about 10 minutes of warm-up, followed by a 12 exercise Tabata.  I will explain all the exercises and options before the workout.  

Please email me at or message me on Facebook if you are interested.