Just Checking In and…

Hi everyone, checking in to see how you are all doing?  My wife and I are doing well and continuing to keep busy.  Actually its surprising how busy we are with everything going on.  The “To Do” list hasn’t gotten much shorter that is for sure!

Class Updates

It looks like we will be continuing our Virtual Classes through the month of May.  While they are certainly not that same as being together in the same dojang, they are running smoothly.  Thank you everyone for your patience while I figure all this out.  I will continue to research and or try to think of new ways for us to keep those classes interesting.  Of course, its still going to come down to effort and attitude on all our parts.

Possible Virtual Testing / Testing

Without knowing for sure if we will be back to normal in June, I will start planning for a Virtual Testing in June.  Those eligible will be students who have been participating in our Virtual Classes.  We’ll have to change up some requirements and expectations, but I have an idea of how we can make it work. It will involve sending video to me of several different aspects of testing.  We would also have a group virtual test for other aspects/subjects.  As we get closer I will have more information.

If we get back to normal classes in June, then we will probably do testing at the end of June as normal. However, that will also depend on when in June we get back to classes.  We might have to postpone testing until July.  Whatever happens, I know we will all make it work.

For students who are not participating in Virtual Classes.  I hope you are all well and that you are continuing to keep up with your training at least once a week.  Please use our YouTube channel for reference on self-defense (for kids), poomse, and some of the basic videos I put up.  (I apologize for the lack of new content, its going much slower then I thought it would.) Our website has testing requirements, as well as terminology and knowledge.   

Through all of this and even when we are back to classes together, I hope everyone is being active to help stay fit.  It’s easy to create bad habits and difficult to break them, so make sure to keep your body moving with training and or workouts. 

HA!  Don’t forget to eat your fruit and veggies too!

Workout Group

Speaking of staying in shape, we do have our Wednesday morning Google Hangouts Workout.  Pretty much everyone is welcome, but it’s not really a good workout for younger kids.  Teens and adults should find it challenging though and so far, everyone seems to enjoy it.  Although, there are a few of you who have been missing from it… hint hint, come back and workout with us!  🙂 

I will be sending out the link (email and Facebook) for the workout as we get closer to the time. You need a google account to use Hangouts… I’m not sure, but I don’t think you need to create a new email with them, just start a Google account with your current email.  Either way, its free.

Adding another workout day is a good idea as well, perhaps on the weekend.  Thoughts?

Well, that’s it for now.  Sorry it’s a long one.
Master Andy