Virtual Testing

We’ll be holding our testing at the end of the month.  I’m leaning towards Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th, but this is still tentative.  We’ll be starting the process for gaining permission to test this week with our physical qualifiers.  For children, I will need to see them do their squats, sits ups, and push ups to the best of their ability… quality over quantity.  Teens and adults will count there own while I make sure the quality is up to par. 

Good behavior at home,  good grades, and how students train in class will still be taken into account for permission to test. Parents, please email me on whether or not you give your permission for your children to test.   As a reminder, I will not give my permission for a student to test unless they have their parents permission first.  

Due to the nature of virtual training, I only have quick glimpses of students forms, breaking techniques and self-defense.  If possible, please record short videos of yourself or your children, demonstrating the above so that I can gauge them more accurately.  Please send the videos to

I will be sending out more info this week on how virtual testing is going to work and the dates we are going to use.  It is possible that some of us might be able to get together for some Socially Distanced Poomse practice, when I have more info on this I will let everyone know.  If you have any questions please feel free to email, FB message, or call me.

Virtual Class Reminders

Just as a reminder, all classes are opened ten minutes before start time.  Students should try to get into class then so that we can start as close to the start time as possible.  Also, once class is started, I will more then likely miss any and all attempts to contact me as we are in class and I do not tent to check email or messages once we start.  My apologies and please & thank you.