Virtual Testing Updates

This week we started looking at basic techniques, breaking, poomsae, and self-defense to see if eligible students are ready to test.  I probably won’t hand out permission to test from myself until next week, and I am going to make the cut off for parent/guardian permission this Friday, June 12th.  Parents please also include your kids current rank and size of their belt.  If they are a Bodan or Black Belt, don’t worry about the best size.

Once a student has my permission to test, they can send their videos to me via email/Facebook.  Videos will include their forms and self-defense techniques.  If they don’t have a partner for self-defense, they can perform the techniques in the air.  It’s best to film multiple videos to keep the file size down.  Videos will be due by Monday June 22nd.  I can also set up a location for everyone to upload videos via google drive, I will just need an email address to share it to.

High ranking students who know more then 3 forms can pick 4 or 5 forms to demonstrate.  Bodan and Black Belts, one of those will need to be your creative form and one will need to be your black belt form/highest ranking form.  I’m looking forward to seeing your creative forms!

Poomsae Gathering

I’m thinking of doing a few classes outside in Goffstown for students who need a little extra help with Poomse, or who just want to do some review.  All students who practice poomsae or who want to start practicing it will be welcome.  We’ll have to keep the groups small, no more then ten including myself, and we will of course have to stay at least six feet apart.  But we can totally do forms that way! 

I know the director at the Parks & Rec had a meeting to see when we can reopen/use the field, but I’m still waiting to hear back from him.  Either way, I know other places in town that we can use.  Those who are interested will need to remember that we will be outside and so, proper precautions and attire will be needed.  (ie water, sunscreen, sweat towel, bug spray, etc)

The tentative date for this is:  Saturday June 21st.
We would have several classes to keep the number of participants down, but I won’t know how many classes or the times for them until I know how many people who would be interested.  Please let me know. 🙂

Well, I think that is it for now.  See you class! 
Master Andy

PS:  Below are links to several YouTube Playlists that will be helpful to those testing or want to test.

TaeGeuk Forms Playlist
Black Belt Forms Playlist
Color Belt Kids Self-Defense Playlist (Use the techniques for March)