Breaking & Belts

We start testing in class tomorrow!  I’m sure we’ll get through pretty much everything this week.  All that will be left is breaking!

I was thinking of just having everyone meet at the Parks & Rec to take turns on their breaking.  But it would seem it’s going to rain most of the weekend… as well as Monday and Tuesday.  I believe there will be less rain Monday and Tuesday, so I will use those two days for meeting up and breaking!  I can come to you, or we can meet somewhere else like Parks & Rec.

So, if you could all start to contact me via email or Facebook message to start scheduling times and places that would be awesome!  Monday or Tuesday seems like the best days.  

I’m excited to see how awesome everyone is going to be at testing!  As a reminder for those of you who are not testing, you are still welcome in class to participate.

Master Andy

PS:  Hopefully we will be able to award belts right after breaking your boards!