Bulsajo News July 2020

Outside Poomse Class

I would like to plan another outside poomse practice for this upcoming Saturday the 18th.  My apologies for the short notice; however, I think we should try to get the ball rolling on poomse for the students who just tested.  If we end up with only a few students able to attend, then they will get plenty of help.

Last time taught us that 45 minutes is a good amount of time for these classes.  No one wants to hang out in the hot sun practicing poomse for hours… well, I guess I do!  HA!  Anyway, lets start with two classes and see who is interested and who can go.  

Kids 10 AM (10 spots)
Teens/Adults 11 AM (10 spots)

Please let me know via email, FB message, or on our Facebook page.
If the weather keeps us from practice, we’ll pick a new date.  Be sure to bring sunscreen, bug spray, a sweat towel, and water.

Outside Class

The following Saturday I would like to have some outside classes to get some practice in how class might be when we are all back “together”.  So this would be for Saturday the 25th at 10 AM and 11 AM.  Just like the outside poomse class, this will be weather permitting.  So if it rains, we’ll pick a different day.  Be sure to bring sunscreen, bug spray, a sweat towel, and water.

Kids Class 10 AM (10 slots)
Teens/Adults 11 AM (10 slots)

Please let me know via email, FB message, or on our Facebook page.
These classes will be similar to how we have been running classes virtually, but I will be able to give more guidance to each student.  

If there is enough interest, we might be able to do a short class together every Saturday morning, provided the weather works with us.

Virtual Class and Classes Together

After speaking with both of my directors from the YMCA and Parks & Rec, the next possible time for us to start classes in person will be in September.  Both locations will have their safety plans figured out for our classes and have the needed people for any added assistance.  I will of course be working with both of them on this to help create the plans to get us kicking together again.  So please be on the look out for more updates on this as we get closer.  

“The Great Video Project”

Hopefully soon I will be recording more videos for our YouTube channel.  Everything from instruction on basics, forms, combos, self-defense, and even workouts.  I might be contacting some of you as well for permission to use clips from testing videos sent in and video from classes.  These are for different projects to promote the school and or to help the students feel awesome (cause they are) with fun school video montages.

In addition, I would like to start a video project with the students of our school.  It is completely optional and there is no pressure to participate.  The project is to have us fighting each other virtually.  You may have seen the video I created for the New Hampshire Ren-a-thon or other videos like it online.  Basically, the video would start with me “hitting” a student (actually I am “attacking” the camera), then a student reacts like they got hit, then hits back, and so on.  This can be VERY funny and in general a fun project.  I will be making an instructional video on how to shoot your own videos.  The Great Video Project (maybe it needs a new name?) will take a little while to put together, but my goal is to have it finished before September.

Here is the video I made for the NH Ren-a-thon… you did all know that I’m a nerd right?
Corr Thieves Virtual Show

Please note, the video will go on our main site, YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.  So if you don’t want to be famous (lol), then you might not want to participate.  I will have a list of requirements and instructions on this in another email.  So if you are interested, be looking for it this week.

That’s all for now, see you in class!