Some more July Stuff

Theme Week!

The week of July 27th to the 31st will be “Your Favorite Book” week.  Students are welcome to show off their favorite books and maybe even talk a little about why they like them. If they want to dress up as their favorite character from the book and or just have want to wear clothing that promotes the book, they are of course welcome to.  They can even do a different book everyday if they like!  

Promo Videos / Montage Videos

I would like to make some videos for our school and students, but I need permission from the students and or their parents to do so.  I have some footage from our virtual classes but would love some footage of students training during those classes taken at their homes.  Also, any footage that anyone is willing to send to me from this last testing would be awesome as well!  Breaking videos especially.

Please know that these videos would go on our main site, Facebook, and our YouTube channel.  That is why I need everyone’s permission. If I don’t hear from students and or their parents, I will assume the answer is no and will NOT use any footage I may already have from classes or testing.  If you are okay with me using footage I already have, or want to send me some new stuff, please email me saying that you give me permission.

The bigger project talked about in the last email is still something I would really like to do with everyone, and hopefully I can get an example and instructional video made soon.  Until then, I’ll just say that I will have more information on it later.

Other news…

We might have a new performance hoodie…  more on this later.  🙂