The Great Video Project

In one of the last news letters I mentioned a fun video project I wanted to do with all the students.  This email includes the instructional video for that project.  Even if you are not interested, give the video a watch, maybe if will change your mind?

The Great Video Project: Instructions.

To those of you who are interested, please let me know ASAP.  Please note that this video will go on our website, YouTube, and Facebook page.  LOL so if you don’t want to be famous, pass on making the video.  We have to get the ball rolling on this though or we may run out of time.  The goal is to have it done before September.

August Break.

From August 24th to August 28th there will be no virtual classes.  Nothing fancy or bad, just taking a short break before we get back to training in September.  Hopefully in person at both locations!  I will have more details on that in August, along with reminders for the short break.

See you in class!