Outdoor Poomse Classes!

Hi there everyone, 

I’d like to schedule some more outdoor forms classes.  We are going to do the 15th and the 22nd at the Goffstown Parks & Rec.  Provided the weather is good for those days of course.  Class times will be 10 AM for kids and 11 AM for teens/adults.  There will be room for 9 students in each class and no fee is needed for any of the classes.

I was going to do a regular outdoor class, but decided that poomse practice for the students who do forms would be a better use of the time.  We will be staring Self-Defense for kids/teens/and adults this week.  Teen and adults students, I will be changing up your requirements for September testing and will give you more details in class. 

If you want to reserve your spot, please email me, message me, or comment in the Facebook post that I will try to get up today or tomorrow.  


So last week I had to cancel our morning group workout and our classes due to one of my dogs having a bit of an emergency.  She ended up having an infection in her upper jaw basically, this caused a lot of swelling in her cheek and lower eyelid.  Thankfully we were able to get her to the vet and get her the medicine she needed.  The vet wasn’t sure if it was an infection, allergic reactions, or something worse.  Thankfully is wasn’t the worse case scenario.  

For those of you who reached out and wished Zelda well, thank you!  She is doing great now!  Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience.

Master Andy