The Great Video Project!

What is it?

Basically, students pretend to get hit and then attack back at the camera.  When it is all edited together it makes the attacks and hits pretty seamless. I will start it off by “attacking” a student, then they will attack another student, and so on.  Sound FX and music will be added to make a fun little video.


  • Plan out what you are doing.
  • Make sure the area or “stage” that you are using is safe.
  • Record in horizontal format.
  • Record with your smartphones over camcorders etc.
  • 1080p HD is good enough, please don’t do 4k.
  • Keep an ear out for distracting ambient sounds.
  • Keep the videos short, approximately 3 to 6 seconds.
  • Upload to Google Drive OR email/zip and email.  
  • Please don’t use Facebook messenger to send me the videos.


  • I will provide everyone with some simple instructions; like, you get hit from the right and attack straight on. 
  • For getting hit:  stand near or away from the camera lens. Either is fine.  
  • SELL the attack on you.  Make sure to include “grunt” etc.
  • When attacking back, pass in front of the lens.  Sell it, but be careful not to hit the camera.
  • Props are fun, but please let me know what you are planning.
  • Again, be creative and have fun with it.  Any parents who want to participate, please let me know.

Can’t wait to see what you send me and I can’t wait to see the end product!

Here is a great example video.