Some September 2020 Updates 1.0?


Our September testing will be held during the week of the 28th, and hopefully in person.  The complete test will take place during class times with no Saturday testing scheduled.  Students who are not testing are encouraged to still attend class for the experience as well as to support their classmates.  YMCA students will certainly get testing forms with terminology and knowledge to answer this time around.  Parks & Rec. students will get the same unless for some reason we have to stay remote on Tuesday & Thursdays (more on this later).  In which case, Tuesday & Thursday students will test remotely like our last testing (meeting up with me for breaking).

Who is eligible to test?  As always, only students who have been attending class (in this case, virtual classes) will be considered to test.   What is the next step for testing?  For children, it is for them to gain permission from their parents/guardians (once I’ve told them to ask).  Email and Facebook messages will work just fine for parents/guardians to contact me.  My permission is needed for the final “okay” to test.  I’ve been watching students closely in class as well keeping attendance.  LOL, I have a list and I will check it twice!

As we get closer to testing I will have more updates I’m sure.  Students be sure to be paying attention in class.

Parks & Rec. Classes

The directors over at the Parks & Rec are eager to have us come back, but have some safety,  scheduling, and permission tasks to work out.  I did get to speak with them and unfortunately, the soonest that we would be able to start has been pushed back to the 21st.  We must remain patient.

As I said in a previous newsletter, classes will be limited to 8 students per class.  I really want to run two kids classes and one teen/adult class on Tuesday and Thursday.  This is one of the things that we are waiting to hear back on.  But I would like to move forward with who wants to attend, at what time, and on what day.  All classes will be Open Rank (any belt color) and I will stream the class via Zoom as well.  Students and or parents/guardians who are not comfortable with training in person yet, the streaming of class is a great option for you.

Lets make three plans.  

  1. We get two kid classes a day.  The first at 5 PM and the second at 6:15 PM.  Teens/Adults class would be 7:30 PM. Please email/message me what days and times you are interested in.  
  2. We get one kids class a day.  5 PM and Teens/Adults 7:30 PM.  Please let me know what day you are interested in.  It is possible to get in on both days, but try to pick one preferred day.
  3. We end up staying remote on Tuesday and Thursdays.  We would just keep things the way they are.

I need answers or information for 1 & 2.  This information is not set in stone mind you.  Lets see if we can figure this out with out having to use a reservation style option. 


Classes start back up next week!  Make sure you have looked up the YMCA’s safety guidelines. 

Here are some basics:  

  • Don’t come to class if you feel sick.
  • You must wear a mask until you are at your spot in class.  When class is done, your mask must be worn to leave the building.
  • Kids NEED to use the bathroom BEFORE class.  No bathroom breaks.
  • Bring a water to class. (Make sure it will not easily spill.) No trips to the fountain.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the room while class is going on.
  • Practice safe distancing.
  • Be respectful.

These basic guidelines will apply to classes at the Parks & Rec. as well.

Poomse Class

I would like to have another outdoor poomse class this month.  Who would be interested?  The last one was lightly attended and I want to make sure the interest is there before trying to schedule time for the event.  Please let me know via email or Facebook message.

That’s all for now.  Stay safe and healthy everyone!
Master Andy