September 2020 Updates 1.5

Just a friendly reminder that YMCA registration is open and there is room in all of our classes there.   They have put in place many safety precautions so that people can go and workout.  I am grateful to them for the opportunity to teach my students in person again!

Thank you to everyone who has let me know the days and class times you are interested in at the Parks & Rec.  We still have room in our classes there, for anyone who is interested.  Unfortunately, I need to say that you can not just show up to class as normal.  You will have to let me know if you can and want to train in person at the Parks & Rec., as space is limited.  I will stream those classes on Tuesday and Thursdays as well.  Mind you, we are waiting to get the final word, but things are looking pretty good.

As a reminder to everyone who does want to train in person, a mask is required up until you get to your spot in class.  After that, you can take off your mask to train… unless you don’t want to.  You just need it to enter and leave either building.  In general I want to say to anyone who has decided to stay remote, I understand.  I completely respect your thoughts and concerns.  No one should fault you for wanting to stay safe.

But training doesn’t have to stop, be sure to be training at home!  Contact me for advice and or watch a virtual/steaming class.  I don’t have a problem writing up a training routine for you, just let me know.

These are crazy times everyone, please stay safe and healthy.  Also remember, TKD is here for you, as bit of normalcy and a great way to vent pent up energy.