YMCA Classes

Tonight we start our in person classes at the YMCA.  Please note that only the teen/adult class begins tonight, the children’s classes start this Friday.  There will be a virtual kids class today at the normal time.

There is a possibility that all the YMCA classes will be held in Studio C for a little while.  This is because that room is already set up for social distance learning.  I just wanted to give everyone who signed up at the YMCA this session, a heads up.  As an additional reminder or heads up, there will be no virtual teen/adult class tonight. 

I’ve not had great luck with the YMCA’s wifi in the past and I don’t think streaming will work well.  If I learn that the wifi is faster and more reliable, we will start to stream the YMCA classes as well.  Streamed classes at the Parks & Rec. (and maybe the YMCA) will be at different times then our current virtual classes.

That’s all for now, I look forward to seeing some of you tonight.

Master Andy