Quick Reminder 9/18/20

Hi everyone, 

Just a quick reminder that there will be NO Virtual Classes tonight.  We started our “in person” YMCA classes this week on Wednesday night and have three in a row today.  We will have virtual classes next week Monday through Thursday, minus Wednesday night.

YMCA students, our classes are in Studio C and you might not be allowed down to the studio right away as there is a mandatory amount time between classes that has to happen.  However, the first kids class should be all set.  Remember to bring your mask for getting into and out of the building, a water, and to use the bathroom before class.  Parents, you will not be allowed to stay in the room while class is going on as there is a strict limit on how many people can be in the room at one time.  Students who don’t know how to get to Studio C can simply ask the front desk for directions, but it is down stairs past the gymnastics room.

Parks and Rec. students, we are nearly there for our classes.  My director has one more meeting that he needs to go to for us to start training.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to start until October, but it’s looking good.  It might be taking a while, but at least it’s moving forward.  More on this soon.

See you either in person as the YMCA or in the normal virtual classes!  Have a great weekend everyone!