Quick Update 9/23/20

New Class Links!

Oops!  Looks like I missed the end date for our class links!  Sorry for the inconvenience folks.  Below are the new links for both the kids and teen/adult classes.

Kids Class
Monday – Thursday 5pm start time.  (we may be adding another virtual class on Tuesday and Thursdays starting in October.)

Meeting ID: 811 0831 9141
Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81108319141?pwd=ejFpb0poZU9DR0U3ai9yRDRlN3llQT09

Teen/Adult Class
Monday, Tuesday, and *Thursday nights.  7pm start time.  (this start time may change in October.  *Changed Friday to Thursday, sorry folks)

Meeting ID: 878 3795 8062
Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87837958062?pwd=K3Iyc3hXK3F4cEFkT0x1SWVpZWdxZz09

I’ve also already updated our website with the links, which you can use in the future by clicking this link:  


For those of you in the kids class today, sorry for the delay and confusion. 


Next weeks testing will be a small one, and that is okay.  But I still need permission from some parents for their kids to test.  Also, for those who are testing (and kids who have permission), I will need video recordings of just your forms this time around.  I’ve seen much of the self-defense in class and it’s looking good!  If you have a partner and want to send me video of your self-defense, go for it!  If you are training in person at the YMCA, I will test you person for forms and self-defense, so no videos will be needed.  Breaking will be done in person, outside again, at the Parks & Rec.  More on that later.

Please email or Facebook message me with any questions you might have about testing or classes in general.  Thank you for being awesome everyone!

By the way, the video project should be done tomorrow!