Sept. Testing Info and More.

September Testing 2020

Our testing this week will be held at normal class times and will cover everything except poomse, sparring, and breaking (self-defense techniques will be demonstrated in class).  Students who are testing will need to send me video of their poomse/forms (this time around, I would like video of every form they know).  Bodan and Black Belt students will need to send me their essays as well. 

As I’ve said in another email/post, this testing will be small due to everything going on and the changes in schedules for all of us.  No worries, if you are unable to test or do not feel ready to test, we will have another test in December!  In fact, we’ll be testing the week of December 14th, so go ahead and put that on your calendars and make your goal to test then.  

Breaking will be done in person, outside, and with some safety precautions put in place of course. I think this Saturday the 3rd, would be a great time to test breaking.  Starting at 10 AM and every fifteen minutes after that will be a time slot.  Please contact me to pick a time.

If you are unable to record your forms and wish to perform them in person or via zoom, please email / message me about scheduling a place and time. 
I will be taking care of everyone’s testing forms like last time.

Parks & Rec. Classes

We will be taking some steps this week to help prepare us for classes at the Parks & Rec.  While we are still technically waiting for final say, my director is confident that we will get the go ahead.  So we plan on getting the room set up for training.  

What does this mean for our schedule?  It means that on Tuesday and Thursdays, our training times will be 4 PM (kids), 5:15 PM (kids), and 7:30 PM (teens/adults).  As I have said in previous emails, we will stream those classes for those of you training at home.  I will do my best to watch both the students in person, and the student in the virtual class.  Monday’s virtual classes will not change for now.

I will be finalizing the rosters for each class this week and will let everyone know if there is empty space in any of the classes.  Please note, each class will only have space for 8 students at a time.  Please do not just show up for class without contacting me about open space in class.  There is a chance, certainly if the class is full, that I will have to turn you away at the door. That being said, it will be very important for everyone to let me know if you are going to miss class.

I will be putting out another email specifically about Parks & Rec. classes this week.  That email should hopefully fill in many of the blanks.  Thank you for your patience everyone.

Something Fun!

Just in case you missed it, here is the link again!

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