CDC Update: Exercise and Masks.

Hello everyone, 

Yesterday the CDC put out an update that talks about the transmission of Covid-19 in the occurrence of being in a poorly ventilated room while exercising.  Click here to read their update.  The YMCA and Parks and Recreation are leaving it up to the individual on whether or not they wear a mask while exercising.  At both locations, you must still wear a mask to enter, move around in, and leave their buildings.  

What is my take on this?  At the YMCA Allard Center we use Studio C which is a well ventilated room, and so I feel like we are pretty safe there. The Parks & Recreation has a large exhaust fan that we will be using frequently, along with a large fan that can push air out the back.  To be honest, I wish we had much better ventilation at the Parks & Rec.  Will I be making wearing a mask mandatory at either location?  No, but I am going to strongly suggest wearing a mask from now on while training at both locations  

I know that everyone has their own thoughts, opinions, and feelings about wearing masks.  Not to mention we all have different physical conditions, someone could have asthma for example.  Personally, I have had no issues wearing one while training.  My training sessions at the Knights Hall (masks are mandatory there), are an hour and thirty minutes minimum and I’ve found that I do not have any issues breathing etc. You have always had a choice to wear a mask during training, even during our outside poomse classes.  So far, that is not going to change.  As I said above, I am recommending that you do, but it is not mandatory.  

I would like to thank you all for your understanding and flexibility with this.  It’s important to be adaptable in these crazy times.  If you do not feel comfortable training in the current conditions and would like to change your mind about training in person, I understand. Please remember that we are still having streaming/virtual classes most days and nights and you are more then welcome in those.

No matter what, there will be classes one way or another.  I would like to thank everyone for their support and loyalty during all of this.  Bulsajo TKD is not a school without all of you .  Lets hope that things improve soon.

Stay safe, and stay positive everyone.
Master Andy