October 2020 Updates

YMCA and Parks & Rec.

I just want to say thank you for everyone’s patience as we get used to our new in person classes at the YMCA and Parks & Rec.  There are a lot of new rules and guidelines to follow and it can be stressful and or daunting.  Don’t give up everyone, humans can adapt pretty well and we all need to except these things as our current “normal”.  The last couple of months have certainly been stressful for me, but thanks to understanding and awesome students like all of you, I’m doing just fine. 🙂

Some reminders for students and parents:  

  • Make sure to bring a mask to class.  (if you forget one, both the YMCA and P&R have some disposable ones to use.) This is for movement inside either building.  While I recommend wearing a mask during training, it is not mandatory.
  • Due to cleaning and ventilating, don’t be too early for class.  This is more important at the YMCA as we only have fifteen minutes between classes.
  • Classes are 45(-ish) minutes long, so parents please be ready to pick up your kids.  Preferably, parents can come and get the kids at the door, but I understand if sometimes you can’t do this or if you feel your child is old enough to find you on their own.  In which case, please make sure they know where you will be and how to be safe in parking lot.
  • Parents please make sure your child understands the questions that will be asked before entering the YMCA and P&R.  (i.e. Are you, or anyone at your house being treated for COVID19? To the best of your knowledge, have you or anyone at your house been in contact with someone who is being treated for COVID? etc.) .  For younger children, I would prefer parents be there to answer those questions.
  • If you, or your child is staying home due to illness, please let me know.  Hopefully it’s just a simple cold, but please keep me informed.  Communication is VERY important right now.  Thank you to parents who have done so, thus far.

*Update*  Tuesday and Thursdays Teen/Adult class will only be 45 minutes long instead of an hour.  When we can get back to our old way of training, these classes will be an hour long.

Thank you again to everyone for forgiving my blunder last week, ending the 2nd kids class to soon on the 6th.  I don’t see that happening again. Lastly, thank you for being awesome everyone!

Costume Contest!

Not being able to have a Halloween Party is not going to stop us from having some fun!  If you would like, get all dressed up in your best costume, take a picture and send it to me.  My wife and I will pick the best three pictures/costumes and those students will win a prize!  You have until October 31st at midnight to send your pictures in. 

  • First place will be a new uniform with embroidery, martial arts shoes, and a target paddle.
  • Second place will get martial arts shoes and a target paddle.
  • Third place will get their choice of either martial arts shoes or a target paddle.

Here is a tip to help you out:  don’t just take a picture of you in a costume, tell us a story with your picture.  In other words, set up a whole scene and background.  The more you put into it, the better chance you have or winning!  Also, your pictures do not have to be TKD related.

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!