No In Person YMCA Class Tonight…

No In Person Class Tonight 10/14/20

While we won’t be having class at the YMCA tonight, we will be having class.  I will be running class through Zoom tonight.  It would seem that I caught a cold sometime in the last week.  Normally, I would still teach class in person despite the way I am feeling, but with things being what they are, better safe then sorry.

But as I said, I will still be running class, so no time off for your Wednesday night students… well unless you can’t do the virtual class. If you are a teen/adult and want to take class, feel free to join in with us.  Normally we would not have a virtual class tonight, but it’s great to have the option just in case! 

I will start the meeting at 7:20pm, class will start at 7:30pm and last 45minutes.  
Here is the link, meeting ID, and password.  (Note it is not the normal password)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 867 6730 9345
Passcode: Oct14TKD!

I was just talking about this earlier today in a newsletter, except this time I’m giving everyone the heads up instead of them telling me.  I will keep everyone posted about how I am feeling, but I’m pretty certain it is just a cold.  Tis the season for them after all.

See you in virtual class!
Master Andy