No Classes Today OR Tomorrow… Virtual Class is a GO!

Hello everyone, 

Due to me coming down with a cold and our current rules, classes at the YMCA, and Parks & Rec. are cancelled for the rest of the week.  While I am confident that what I have is a normal cold, I have scheduled a Covid-19 test to be safe.  As soon as I have the results I will let everyone know.

It’s important to remember that our standard illnesses (colds, the flu, “stomach bugs”, etc.) have not gone away, and we are all still susceptible to them.  Its important to be calm and stay up to date with the correct information and knowledge about not only Covid-19, but even the basic cold etc.  Knowledge is power after all.

Today’s Parks & Rec. classes will continue, virtually, at their normal times.  Below will be temporary links to Virtual Classes for Friday’s classes.  So while I can’t teach in person due to our current rules, I will still run class for anyone who wants to train.  

By the way everyone, I think as we get closer to winter and deeper into the cold season, we must all be prepared for this to happen again… possibly a few times.  It is just part of the current situation that our country is in.  Please remember to eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise, and take time to destress.  

Friday’s Temporary Class Links:
(Thursday’s links our on our website and the normal password will be used.)

~5:30 Kids Class Friday
Meeting ID: 843 6045 1266

~6:30 Kids Class Friday
Meeting ID: 832 1407 8668

~7:30 Teens/Adult Class
Meeting ID: 848 6340 8908

The Passcode for all of these classes is: Oct16TKD!

I will be going “Live” today on Facebook around 2:30pm to chat a little bit about the above and how I’m feeling for anyone who wants to watch or comment.

Master Andy

Something Fun!  Our Costume Contest!

Not being able to have a Halloween Party is not going to stop us from having some fun!  If you would like, get all dressed up in your best costume, take a picture and send it to me.  My wife and I will pick the best three pictures/costumes and those students will win a prize!  You have until October 31st at midnight to send your pictures in. 

  • First place will be a new uniform with embroidery, martial arts shoes, and a target paddle.
  • Second place will get martial arts shoes and a target paddle.
  • Third place will get their choice of either martial arts shoes or a target paddle.

Here is a tip to help you out:  don’t just take a picture of you in a costume, tell us a story with your picture.  In other words, set up a whole scene and background.  The more you put into it, the better chance you have or winning!  Also, your pictures do not have to be TKD related.