No Parks & Rec Classes Today 10/29/20

Last night my wife started to feel ill, due to this we will be going Virtual for today.  She was tested for Covid-19 today and we should have the results in 24 hours.  She may have caught the cold the I recently had… and I hope that is all it is.  I will let everyone know the results as soon as we have them.  As for me, I feel completely fine and will of course monitor myself for any unusual symptoms etc.  So please keep your fingers crossed for some good news.  

For now, I am not cancelling the Friday YMCA classes, although they may deem that it is a good idea.  I will let you know if they decide that.  Of course if the results come back positive, we’ll be going virtual for a couple of weeks.  

I am sorry that this has happened again so quickly, but it is just how it is right now.  Good thing we have the virtual option.  Speaking of, todays classes will go on at their normal times.  If I need to cancel at the YMCA, I will create new links for those classes and send them out to everyone.

No Class Next Tuesday 11/3/20

Even if my wife’s test results come back negative, there will be no classes next Tuesday, in person or virtual.  The cancelation is due to us having to monitor our voting polls.  We want to have the flexibility to vote when not too busy.  Of course, we may not be able to vote in person is the results come back positive.  So again, one way or another, there will be no classes next Tuesday 11/3/20.  

Costume Contest!

Good thing that class cancelations do not stop our little contest.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures!  On another note, if you and your family carve Jack-o’-lanterns, I would love to see pictures of them just for the fun of it.  Post them on our Facebook page or send them to me via email or messenger.  

Have a good week everyone, and if nothing else, I’ll see you in Virtual Class.