Contest Results & Reminder 11/2/20


Before we get to the costume contest results, just a little reminder:  

All classes (in person & virtual) are cancelled for Tuesday, November 3rd. 

Have a great day! 

Costume Contest Results!

Judging everyone’s pictures was much harder they I thought it would be!  Next year we will add categories to make it easier on ourselves.  This year we went with pictures that clearly showed the amount thought behind them and the amount of actual work put in.  

I’m not sure if I have permission to share these photos so I will just list them with a brief description.  If you would like to give me permission to share your picture please let me know.  That goes for everyone who sent me a picture for the contest.

1st Place:  Even;  Mario saves Princess Peach while protecting himself from the Corona virus! 
2nd Place:  The Hoell family;  Master Andy and his sidekicks, Zelda & Yoda.
3rd Place:  Elija;  Ahh, don’t eat me!
Runner Up:  Olivia; The werewolf hunter!  

Again, this was much harder then we thought, all of the pictures were really good!