November News 2020

Make Up Classes

Just in case, I wanted to go over our current situation with make up classes for our  “in person” students.  Basically, due to limited class sizes, always default to Virtual Class for your make up.  However, if you really wish to jump into another “in person” class for make up, PLEASE check with me first.  If I can fit you in, I will.  

This will be hard to do in the kids classes as they have filled up much faster (especially on Thursdays at the Parks & Rec.).  As for the Teen/Adult classes, I have a little more flexibility but still need everyone to check in with me first.  I am very sorry any inconvenience this may cause.

Testing Week etc.

We’ll be learning out self-defense techniques this month and I will be trying to get some poomse done in classes for students who need the practice.  This of course is difficult virtually, so I will try to set up some indoor / outdoor poomse refresher this month.  If we get weather like today, we could just go outside. 

I don’t want anyone worrying or stressing about learning new poomse for a while.  Now, that does NOT mean stop practicing the ones you have already learned.  In fact, it means you need to be practicing those ones even more.  Simply put, it’s easier and faster for us to review / refresh forms that we have already learned, rather then learn new ones.  So, we will just take small steps to learning new forms, rather then trying to cram them in before testing.

December testing will be held the week of December 14th.  This will be held in our normal classes with a day to meet and break boards for virtual students.  More details on this as testing gets closer.

Thanksgiving Themed Silly Hat Week

For the week of Thanksgiving, I would like to encourage all students to wear a silly Thanksgiving themed hat to class.  It’s important to find silly things to do to help deal with everything going on right now.  I thought this could be one of the those fun things.  🙂

Virtual Movie Night?

Would anyone be interested in doing a Zoom or Google Meeting movie night?  I could share my screen and we can all watch a movie together and maybe even chat a bit.  I’m not sure what movie we could watch, so suggestions would be good.  It would need to be family friendly of course.

Please let me know your suggestions and if you have any interest.  For this first one, I will run it with even just two students/families to give it a shot.  If it works out well, we could do another one next month… maybe even two.

Quick Reminder

There will be no classes, in person or virtual, on Thanksgiving.  There will be classes the Friday following though.  We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.