Self-Defense & Poomse Class

Self-Defense Technique Videos

Please make sure you are clicking on the correct links (kids vs. teen/adult).  A big THANK YOU to Nathan, Sarah, and Ben for volunteering to “beat each other up” a bit.  Seeing the techniques done on someone, makes it much easier to learn them.



I hope this help everyone who is planning on testing in December.  Don’t forget, testing will be the week of December 14th.

Poomse Classes

I have reserved some time at the Park & Rec. for poomse classes on Saturday December 5th.  Due to the nature of forms and them taking up a bit of space we might need to reserve more time.  For now I have reserved a 10am slot (kids) and a 11:30am slot (teens/adults).  

The classes will be limited in how many we can have in class, maybe six to eight students each.  If the weather is nice, we might even be able to go outside, but that is wishful thinking.  Also, we’ll be focusing on review more then learning new forms.  

Unfortunately, we’ll be making these classes $5 a student.  Please let me know your interest, if there is enough, I will reserve more time slots.  I will also be trying to review some of our forms in class for those who need a review.