Important Notice 11/23/20

Park & Rec. Classes in December
(December to the beginning of January actually)

Starting this Wednesday, November 25th, the Parks & Rec. will be stopping all “In Person” classes until Monday, January 11th.  This is a safety precaution due to the increased Covid-19 cases and the holidays.  

Parks & Rec. students should not pay their normal tuitions fees for the month of December.  Virtual class tuition is $50 a month no matter how times a week you train.  This fee is the same for kids, teens, and adults.  Please make the adjustment for December.
There WILL be virtual classes at the normal times on Tuesday and Thursday.  In fact, the Park & Rec. is allowing instructors to use the space as a virtual studio, so the background may very well look familiar.

If a student shows up, I will unfortunately have to turn them away.  

Tuesday November 24th’s classes will still be held in person to finish out this month. The Parks & Recreations, and myself, apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Week of December 14th
 What does this mean for testing?  It means that testing will mostly be virtual.  Students who are interested in testing still need their parents permission if under the age of 18.  Parents NEED to let me know by Friday December 4th.This will allow me time to order belts and receive them in time for testing.

Students will need to upload videos of their self-defense / poomse for me to grade.  This is usually done on a Google Drive and then shared with me (  Students who know three or more forms (poomse) will need to record at least three forms for me to grade.  If you only know one or two forms, simply record what you know, even if the form is incomplete.  High level blacks belts should record all of their forms for this end of the year test.  There are other options for grading self-defense and forms, such as private virtual meetings or uploading to a message via Facebook.  Please contact me for more details.

The main chunk of testing will be held in virtual class with only self-defenses, forms, and breaking being different.  As far as breaking, we can still set up times to meet and break boards outside, as we get closer I will set up a day for us to schedule breaking times.  Students will receive their belts that day as well. 

Terminology and knowledge grades will be done in virtual class for those who can only attend virtually.  YMCA students will be given testing sheets and need to fill them out as normal.  YMCA students will test in person, including breaking, at normal class times

Poomse Seminar

Due to the Parks & Recreation pausing all classes and programs for the month of December, the poomse seminar is canceled.  Please schedule private poomse classes with me for this.  We have had pretty good luck with our virtual poomse lessons.  I am not opposed to in person help so long as it’s outside.

Black Belt Ceremony

Obviously the pandemic is going to affect our January ceremony as well.  I have a plan for this, and yes it will involve a virtual aspect.  But I will provide more info on this as we get closer to January.  Please be patient.


  • This is Silly Thanksgiving Themed Hat Week!  Feel free to wear a silly hat in class for fun!  I will be!
  • No classes on Thanksgiving.  I hope you have a safe and happy holiday, especially in these crazy times.  
  • For YMCA students who are going away for Thanksgiving and seeing family & friends that you don’t normally see, please go virtual for a couple weeks to be safe.  Contact me for more information on our virtual classes if need to.  Thank you.