January In Person Class Reminder. 2021

Back To In Person Classes!

We officially start back to our “in-person” classes today and I just wanted to remind everyone of that, and a few other things.  I will just bullet list it to keep it simple.

  • All safety rules / guidelines that we were following before, are STILL going to be followed in 2021.  That being said, please remember your masks to enter and move around in each locations.  Once you are at your spot, you do not need to wear your mask, but I would recommend it of course.  I will continue to wear one while teaching.
  • For Parks&Rec students, it’s winter, and I will still have to run the fan from time to time, as well as in between classes.  Hoodies are a good idea as well as martial arts shoes.  Don’t have martial arts shoes?  You could order some from me, or if you have an extra pair of sneakers that you can put on when you get to class, feel free to bring them.  Do not wear them outside before hand and make sure the bottoms are pretty clean.
  • Parks&Rec students who are coming back to class in person should also remember to adjust their tuition payment.  As a reminder:  Kids 1 class a week = $50 / Kids 2 classes a week = $60, Teen/Adult 1 class a week = $60 / Teen/Adult 2 classes a week = $70. 
  • All students who sign up at the YMCA or Parks&Rec. get to attend our virtual classes at no extra charge. 
  • We will continue to run virtual classes on Tuesday and Thursdays as we did last year.
  • YMCA students, I was informed that our Wednesday night teen/adult class only has two sign ups, if you want in on that class, better sign up soon.  Our Friday kids classes are full and we only have one spot for the adult class. 

I am looking forward to being back in class!
Stay safe and healthy everyone!