The Great Video Project!

Its time to make the winter edition of our Great Video Project!  Not sure what that is?  No worries, I’ll include the link to our first GVP below.  But basically its just a fun little project for us all to enjoy.  I will of course be posting it on YouTube, Facebook, and our main website, so if that is something you’re not into, better just enjoy the video instead of participating.  

For everyone who is interested, please let me know by the end of the month.  I will compile a list of participants and then start a shot list.  The shot list will have some basic requirements for everyone’s video clips.  Not a student but still want in?  No problem, family members are more then welcome to join in on the fun, just be sure to let me know.  

For the video clips, be as creative as you can be, but also be careful.  None of us are professional stunt people!  Got a really cool idea?  Let me know and we’ll see what we can do!  Not sure what do to?  No worries, the shot list will help a bit and I am more then willing to help out with ideas.  Actually, if you need help recording it, or if you don’t have the ability to record the clip yourself, just let me know and we can set a time and place and I’ll record it for you.  

Here are two different links, one is the actual GVP that we did last year (watch that first), and the other is a basic instruction video of how to participate.  Enjoy!

The Great Video Project 2020
Instructions for The Great Video Project.