Demo Team & Weapons Class

Just a heads up that I’m working on getting our Demo Team and Weapons Classes up and running again.  These classes might not be what they used to be, or they might be a pretty close to it.  Currently my plan for the Demo Team is to run a virtual class on Saturday mornings.  Not sure at what time yet, but perhaps Demo Team members and or their parents can send me a message with their thoughts.  We will be working on old material and making new material.  There is of course, no fee for Demo Team class.

As for Weapons Class, I’m leaning towards doing a 45 minute class on Thursdays at the Parks & Rec.  Classes would be limited to 8 students per class, and the normal age restrictions would apply.  We might be able to make this a virtual class, but I’m still working on how I want to do that.  Previous weapons class students will have first dibs on in person spots.  The cost of the class will now be $25 a month on top of the normal tuition.  If you only train in weapons class, then your tuition would be $50 a month.  

I am still working on the finer details and if and when we can get the ball rolling on these classes.  So please stay tuned, but if you have any questions about joining the Demo Team or Weapons Class, please shoot me a message or email.   

Have a great week everyone!