Self-Defense Vids and More!

Self-Defense Videos for March 2021 Testing

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has ever helped me record these types of videos.  With our current situation, having students who help to demonstrate the techniques is incredibly helpful!  Thank you so much!

This testing, self-defense techniques are being shared by all students from kids to adults.  The videos are still made with the kids in mind however.  Teen and adults can adjust the techniques as I have explained in our classes.  Remember, these videos are best when used as a reference.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Beginner Techniques for March 2021 Testing
Intermediate Techniques for March 2021 Testing
Advanced Techniques for March 2021 Testing


Our March testing will be at the end of the month and held in our normal classes at our normal class times.  Virtual Only Students will only need to send me video of their poomse as Self-Defense will be graded in class.  I will also set up a day for Virtual Only Students to be meet up with me for breaking.  Everyone else will do all of their testing in class.  Again, testing will be at the end of the month, the week of March 29th.

This week we will be looking at our one minute exercises, so be ready to push yourself.  Remember, its going to be about the quality and not the quantity. Once you have done the exercises this week, you will not have to do them again unless you want to.  I will be handing out Stripe Sheets to the kids / teens who are interested in testing and I am going to secure us a Saturday this Month to have multiple poomse practice classes.  So be on the look out everyone.

Great Video Project Part 2

The videos are coming in and there is lots of great stuff to look at!   Still not sure what to do or need help recording your shot?  No worries, if you are an In-Person student, I can help you come up with an idea and we can film it before or after class.  Virtual Only students, I can help you as well and we can meet up to get your shot recorded.  No problem at all.

Thank you again everyone, this video is going to be awesome!