No Class Tonight 03/08/21

Class Cancelation for March 8th, 2021

Hi there everyone, I am dealing with a medical issue and not feeling very well.  So I think it’s best if I take the night off.  Hopefully things have improved by tomorrow so that we can get back to our classes.  I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for you understanding.

Poomse Class Day

In other news, I have secured us Saturday March 20th at the Parks & Rec. for poomse (forms) practice.  These classes will have a max of 8 students each.  There will also be a small fee for the class ($5 to $10).  Once I know how many students are interested, I can shape the schedule to what we need and let everyone know the fee.  The more people interested, the less expensive it will be.

Please message me via Facebook, email, or text if you or your children are interested.  Thank you.

GVP Part 2

The videos are coming in but we are still missing quite a few.  Please let me know if you help with the instructions, recording your shot, and or getting it uploaded to me.