Poomse Classes

These are classes are for students who have already started learning forms and need some help and practice.  Each class can have no more then 8 students per class with all the normal safety precautions.  The classes will be held at the Goffstown Parks & Rec. and will cost $5 per student.  You will need to reserve your spot or your child’s spot with me please. ASAP.

Available classes:

10am to 10:45am Kids
11am to 11:45am Kids
12pm to 12:45pm Teens/Adults
1pm to 1:45pm Teens/Adults

Remember that these classes are for students have already started learning poomse (forms) and will be used for self-practice, help, and learning.  Please bring water and a warm shirt, like a hoodie.  Also, uniforms are not required for these classes.

Have a great week everyone!
Master Andy