Marching Testing 2021

All this week will be testing for any students who have earned permission to test.  Students who are not testing can still attend class and participate but are not graded.  If you come to class more then once a week I will test you both days, this gives you a chance to improve your grade!  Students are reminded to wear their full uniform (if they have one) to testing.  If you have outgrown your uniform, please check with me about getting a new uniform.  I might have some old ones that will fit as well (free).

Breaking will be done in class, time permitting.  For the most part, this should not be an issue, but we have a lot to do and I do not want to rush.  Saturday will be a breaking day for anyone who doesn’t get to break their boards in class, and of course for virtual students.  Choosing to wait till Saturday is not a bad idea to get in a bit more breaking technique practice, just let me know in class if that is what you want to do.  I will try and record everyone’s breaking that does break in class so that parents/students can see the breaking techniques.  Breaking on Saturday also allows parents to see their children break their boards in person.

We’ll start Saturday’s breaking day at 10am and will have slots for breaking every 10 to 15 minutes.  The weather should be nice, so we’ll be do the breaking outside with the inside as back up.  Students should wear their full uniforms as usual.  Please text, message, and or email me to schedule a breaking time on Saturday (For virtual students, students who do not get to break in class, and students who want to break on Saturday).

Good luck to everyone testing and see you in class!
Master Andy