Testing Results and More!

Testing Results!

Congratulations to everyone who tested at our March 2021 testing!  We have already started handing out your new belts and graded testing sheets.  So if you haven’t received your yet, no worries, you’ll receive them in your next class.

What is the next step?  Students should research what their new belt requirements from our website:  www.BulsajoTKD.com.  Next week everyone will learn how to do their new breaking techniques!  Bodan and Black Belt students should definitely look over their new requirements and make a “plan of attack” for learning and practice. I have created a Bodan to Black Belt checklist to help Bodan belts stay on track, please ask me for one the next time you see me.

The Great Video Project Part II

I have nearly all the videos for the project; however, I am thinking this won’t get done until next month.  You have all sent some awesome videos for the project and I am looking forward to editing it all together for you!  My apologies that it was not completed when I initially thought it would be.  Times are crazy right now and everyone is dealing with a lot. 

For those of you who have not yet sent in your videos, please think of this project as a fun distraction that should only take 5 minutes or so.  As a reminder though, if your instructions say that you need to attack from your left or right, you still need to have your attack pass in front of the camera lens.  If you need help recording your bit, please let me know and I can help you.

The New Hampshire Renaissance Faire

Its that time of the year again when I stretch my nerdy legs and perform at the faire!  This years faire will be a virtual faire and the board of directors, performers, merchants, and volunteers are all very busy getting it together.  Lasts years virtual event was small, but still a success, and we are hoping that this years Virtual Faire will be bigger and better!  

But in order to do that, we need people to check out our event and or make donations.  If you want to learn more about the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire, or what we are calling it this year, the New Hampshire Renathon, please look us up on Facebook or visit our website.  www.NHRenFaire.com

Oh, did I mention that the Renathon is FREE to watch?!  All the more reason to check it out May 8th, 9th, 15th, & 16th!