May News 2021 Pt. 2


For students who tested in March for their 3rd Star Bodan or Black Belt, I made a little booboo in the time I was saying that you should wait for testing.  The approximate time is 6 months or so.  For 3 Star Bodans, this should allow enough time to solidify your material and or create what needs to be created and then solidify it for your black belt test.  For new Black Belts, this should be a good amount of time to come to terms with your journey, understand your new requirements /  responsibilities, and make a plan of attack for your next test.  

So for anyone who just tested in March and earned your 3rd star or new black belt… for whatever reason, I kept saying December should be your next test at the minimum.  That was incorrect, October should be your goal.  My apologies for any confusion everyone.  

Useful Files.

Speaking of testing, on our website we have a bunch of documents that you can download that will help everyone with some of their requirements.  For example:  Brown Belts &  Bodan Belts can make use of some checklists I created a while back to have them keep on track to accomplishing their goals.  Just look for: Brown Belt to Bodan Belt Checklist OR Bodan Belt to Black Belt Checklist.

The Downloads page our our website has lots of useful files everyone, check it out.  Just click the link below.
(Our site works best from a computer for files / downloads.)

Bulsajo TKD Useful Downloads

GVP Pt. 2!

I will be starting the edit this week!  Munsay!!!  
For those of you who still need to get me your shots, please send me them soon.   Remember, if you need help, just let me know!  

New Hampshire Renathon!

This is a the last weekend!  Check it out on Saturday or Sunday starting at 10am