June News 2021

Self-Defense Videos for June Testing

Please remember that these videos are good for reference, if you need any help, please ask me in class.  Any students who have to create techniques for testing, these might give you some ideas. 🙂

Beginner Techniques
Intermediate Techniques
Advanced Techniques

The Great Video Project Part 2

It’s nearly done!  I’m hoping on having it completed by the end of the week.  Next time we do one of these, we should be back to our regular classes, so I will record all the shots at the Dojang which will make it easier and faster.  My apologies again for the project taking so long.

June Testing

Testing will be the week of the 21st with make up testing being the next couple of weeks afterwards (due to the holiday).  Breaking for Virtual Students may take more time as I am working a Ren Faire Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th.  Would virtual students (who are going to be testing) be able to do there breaking on the 29th during day or between 6pm and 7:15pm?  Please let me know.

Black Belt Ceremony 2021

Currently I do not have a date for this event but would like to do it near the end of the month or next month.  It would be a small event during the week for new black belts to get their embroidered belts.  Please note, this would only before for new black belts, one or two guests each, and a couple of higher ranking black belts.  When I work out the date and time I will let everyone know.

Our normal ceremony will be in January 2022, for all black belts new and old, and with a party to follow.  🙂