My Test Results! 9/10/21

Test Results!

Munsay!  My tests results came back Negative!  That means I’ve just had a head cold… or something lol  What bad time to get sick!  

I want to say sorry again for having to cancel the in person classes, but it was a better safe then sorry situation.  We will still do virtual classes today at the YMCA just to keep things simple.  BUT, classes will be in person next week starting on Monday!  I also wanted to say Thank You to everyone for your understanding and well wishes!

It will be great to get to class and training with everyone!

Parks & Rec. Students

Parents, don’t forget that the kids class is now 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday (no more 4pm class).  I still have some room in each class if there are any students who want to get back to training!  Also, everyone needs to remember to bring a mask to class (even if you don’t use it in your spot) just in case.  The adult class especially needs them next week as it will be a sparring week.


Unless something else happens, the only Virtual Classes next week will be on Tuesday and Thursday.


What did you think of Korea’s Chuseok Holiday?  I think it is really cool and would be a great thing to learn about.  Check out my last post to get more information on it if you didn’t have a chance to look.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week!