Costume Contest & More!

Costume Contest!
There is still plenty of time to get your picture in!  Frist place prices will anything from:  striking paddles, striking shields, blockers, uniforms, performance hoodies, and maybe even boxing gloves!  Be sure to send your picture in by midnight on the 31st.

Costume Week!
Just a reminder that it’s costume week, so if you want to wear a costume to class, go for it!  Please make sure you can still train safely with it though… so really long costumes that might cause you to slip and or trip are a bad idea.  Don’t want to wear a costume, but you have a really cool Halloween themed shirt?  Go for it!

December Testing Self-Defense Videos
Here are links to the kids self-defense videos for December testing (the week of the 13th).  Please let me know if you have any questions.