Memorial, Flowers, and Pictures.

Memorial, Flowers, and Pictures.

Grandmaster An’s family will be holding a memorial to honor him on November 6th.  This memorial is intended for his family, friends, and direct students.  As I mentioned in the last email / post, Grandmaster An literally taught thousands of people over the years, and so, I don’t think they really know what to expect.  I asked Master Richard if some of the Bulsajo students could go, those who trained with the An’s or met Grandmaster, he agreed.  

If you once trained at Master An’s TKD in Bedford, Tiger An’s TKD in Lowell, or met Grandmaster An at our first Black Belt ceremony and wish to go, please let me know.  Space / parking will be limited and unfortunately we are still living in a pandemic.  I plan on doing something to honor him at our school, which will be a good option for those who can’t go.

Another great way to show your respect for Grandmaster An, is to send flowers for the memorial. They ask that anyone who would like to send flowers, please have them delivered by Friday, November 5th (address listed below).  Bulsajo TKD will also be sending flowers on behalf of our school, if you would like to donate to this, please use our PayPal / Venmo.  My wife and I will make all of the arrangements.  However, more flowers equals more respect.

Lastly, if you happen to have a picture of yourself with Grandmaster An and want to donate it to the memorial, please send me a copy by 10pm Monday night, or drop it off to me at the Goffstown YMCA by 8pm.  I will be delivering the photos personally on Tuesday.  

Please let me know if you have any questions, or need help with anything.

To everyone who can send flowers, and everyone keeping the An’s in their thoughts, thank you so much. 
~Master Andy

Address for flowers (delivery by November 5th):

Tiger An’s TaeKwonDo
1519 Middlesex St, Lowell, MA 01851