Thank You & More.

Grandmaster Nam Yell An’s Memorial
Thanks to many of you, we were able to send down some beautiful flowers to Grandmaster An’s memorial.  The memorial allowed many of us who knew Grandmaster An, to celebrate his life and morn his passing.  I would ask that you continue to keep Grandmaster An’s friends, family, and students in your thoughts and prayers for a little while longer.  Again, thank you. Not only to those who donated towards the flowers, but who gave their condolences to myself and to the An family. 

Testing Reminder
The week of December 13th will be our testing week, please mark your calendars.  Testing will be done at our normal class times and classes.  Below are links to the kids Self-Defense Techniques, if you have questions about testing, please shoot me a message / email or talk to me at the Dojang.

Kids beginner techniques.
Kids intermediate techniques.
Kids advanced techniques.

Here is a link to our Color Belt (gup belt) terminology & knowledge page:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Terminology & Knowledge.

Here is a link to our Bodan / Dan Belt (black belt) terminology & knowledge page:
Bodan / Dan Belt Terminology & Knowledge.

Weapons Class
Want to learn how to use a staff?  A sword?  Sword & shield?  Are you at least 16 years old?  Let me know, and as soon as we have at least 4 – 6 people interested, we can start our weapons class!  It would be every Tuesday from 6:15pm to 7:00pm.  For those interested in training in both TKD and weapons class, the class would be $25 in addition to your current tuition.  For those who want to only train in weapons, your tuition would be $50 a month.  Please let me know of interest and or questions.

November Tuition
Just a little reminder to Goffstown Parks & Rec. students and families that tuition is due for this month.  Please and thank you.  🙂