February 2022 News & Updates

Free Trial for Weapons Class

Just a reminder that next week on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, I’ll be hosting a Free Trial Weapons Class for anyone 12 and up.  Those who have already let me know that you want to participate in the weapons class are guaranteed a spot.  Anyone else who is interested in the trial class needs to let me know ASAP as space is limited (we have 4 open spots).  For those of you already signed up for the weapons class, if you are not going to make it on that Tuesday, please let me know so I can open up more spots. 

  • The trial class will be February 22nd from 6:15pm to 7pm.
  • No martial arts experience is needed (weapons or otherwise).
  • We will be leaning Single Hand Sword.
  • Please note that this is an In-Person class ONLY and will have no virtual classes attached to it.  All the normal Covid Safety Precautions will be in effect (please bring a mask just in case).

March Belt Testing

March testing will be the week of the 28th during our normal class times, please mark your calendars.  Our next test will be at the end of June. 

Also, I will be recording the kids self-defense techniques this week and getting them uploaded to YouTube ASAP.

For YMCA Students

There will be no class (virtual or in person) on February 21st as the YMCA is closing for there annual In-Service Day.  There WILL be classes the last week of February instead of it being an interim week however. This is to make up for missed classes in January.

For Parks & Rec. Students

I know we are all busy and or distracted a bit more then usual these days, but I wanted to remind you that it is February and some of you still owe tuition for the month. Please and thank you.

Also, some of the kid students have been coming in without masks.  This isn’t necessarily a problem as they head right to their spots and avoid each other, however, I would like to ask that we all be better about remembering to bring in our masks.  Currently, the kids do not participate in partner training or sparring, but when that becomes an option for us, they will need to have a mask and should be in the practice of bringing one.  I know we keep a very safe distance, but I would like to see that the students have them just in case.  Again, please and thank you. 

Teen and adults students, you have been awesome about following the guidelines despite how you might feel about masks.  Thank you, it is appreciated, and please keep it up.