Reminders 02/28/22

YMCA Classes

Just a reminder to YMCA students that we do have class this week although it’s the interim.  Also, its time to sign back up.  🙂

Weapons Class

We start our Weapons Class this week on Tuesday from 6:15pm to 7pm.  Weapons class is $30 additional a month for current students.  YMCA students who participate in this class should pay me directly and not the YMCA.  Otherwise the class is $60 a month.  I am looking forward to getting this class going! 

March Testing

Please mark your calendars for the week of March 28th as our testing week.  As usual testing will be during our normal class times.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


YMCA students are no longer required to wear masks, but if you choose to that is fine.  I would like to request that teen / adults students still consider wearing masks for partner drills and sparring (unless from the same house hold / family).  Another way to handle this would be to ask your training partner what they are comfortable with.  Parents of teen students should be sure to talk to them about what do for partner training etc. We will still be keeping a safe distance apart in all classes.

Parks & Rec. students, please continue on with our current rules:  students do not need to wear masks so long as they stay in their area or are keeping the proper distance apart. Teens / adults still need masks for partner training and sparring (unless from the same house hold / family). I believe we will be able to change the rules soon, please be patient.