May News 2022

The New Hampshire Renaissance Faire

This little reminder / promotion of the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire (NHRF) will probably not come as a surprise to many of you, and yet others might wonder why I keeping bringing it up.  NHRF is a fun, family friendly event that I have the honor of being a part of.  I get to perform with an action comedy group called The Corr Thieves (I kinda play a bad guy), help run the Wench & Lad Auction with my wife (who is also a performer at the faire), fight with some armored combat reenactors, and oh yeah I’m also on the board of directors.  You might say that I’m a “little” involved.  But why?

Well, NHRF is an event put on for charity, always has been (since 2005) and always will be.  Our two main charities: the NH Food Bank and the Rockingham County Meals on Wheels.  We’ve donated over $200,000 over the years and hope to continue doing so in the future. This makes me feel really proud and well, really good.  I get to work with a great team, awesome performers, meet some cool merchants, make people smile, and help those in need.  A “win win” in my book!

But in order for the faire to be truly successful, we need patrons.  So around the months of April and May you can always expect me to promote NHRF.  So if you are looking for something fun to do this month, why not come to faire?!  I hope to see you there…. by the way, you can call me Garreth there (that’s my Ren Faire name).  For more information about the faire, check out our website:

June Testing

Outdoor testing is next month!  We haven’t been able to have this event and I’m really looking forward to it!  Testing is normally a two part event, part one is done at our normal class times and the second part is done together at the Goffstown Parks & Rec. (we haven’t been doing this due to Covid). June testing we add a Pot Luck and water balloon fight!  Always fun!

For now, lets just stay focused on learning our testing material and as we get closer I will have more details for everyone.  It’s going to come up fast, so make sure you are training hard and getting ready!  

Sign Up & Tuition Time

YMCA students, there should still be time to sign up for our current classes at the Y.  We have kids and adult classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there.  Lots of days to choose from and kids can train at either 5pm or 6pm!  I hope to see some new and old faces there.

Parks & Rec. students, its now May and tuition is due, please and thank you.  There is also room for students in all of our classes, so it’s a great time to come back for those who have been away.  Just like with the YMCA, I hope to see some new and old faces in class.

Class Cancelation for YMCA Students

There will be no classes (private, virtual, or in person) on Friday, May 13th 2022.  This is due to the Ren Faire and needing the extra time to help set up etc.  This missed class can be made up during the Interim Week at the end of the session or by attending a Parks & Rec. class.  Please set a reminder for yourself or your children.

Old Demo Team Member Request

I am looking to get the team back up and running in June / July, old (current) demo team members obviously have their spots reserved and I hope to see you all.  However, if you are are not planning on coming back, I would like to ask for you to return any weapons or gear (paddles, uniforms, etc.) so that new Demo Team members can use them.  This does NOT include your team jackets that you purchased, those are yours to keep of course.  Contact me if you have any questions or if you are planning on coming back.