August News 2016

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2nd Annual Bulsajo Dojang Fundraiser event!

On August 27th (from 10-1) at the Goffstown Parks&Rec we will be holding our 2nd annual fundraiser! This year students can choose between doing a kick-a-thon OR a punch-a-thon! Another small change will be that I will not allow flurry kicks this year, only full kicks please. I will be passing out or have already passed out the fundraiser sheets this week. I am also looking to have this event be a potluck! Perhaps someone may even bring a grill to bbq! If anyone is interested in spearheading the potluck please let me know, otherwise I will take care of it.


Our demo team will be performing their first official demo OUTSIDE our school this Thursday! Wish them luck!


There will no longer be MooSulDo Classes at the Parks&Rec location for the time being. Although I feel as though the class has great potential there simply was not enough interest in it. However, Brad, who was the only participant, said he really enjoyed training and with his help I formulated a lot of ideas for a curriculum. I hope to start this class up again in the new year and will give it a stronger push for new students.

Weapons Class, Open Study and Private Lessons

There will be another weapons class on the last Thursday of every month at the Park&Rec from 6:30-7:15. The weapons class has been the most consistent extracurricular class. For those of you interested please know that you must be 12 years of age, green belt or higher and that there is an extra cost of $10 (per class) to participate. I would prefer this class not be used as a substitute class but I will allow it so long at you inform me first. Current weapons students, if any of the above differs from what you have been doing, no worries as you are “grandfathered” in.

Open Study Time! These shall be the first and third Thursdays of every month from 6:30-7:15 at the Goffstown Parks&Rec. This is not a class, but an opportunity for practice time and or private lessons for yourself or groups. If you are interested in scheduling a private lesson with me during these times or at your own home, please send me an email/message, text or phone call or speak with me directly.

Important Notice!

This notice is for Bulsajo Parks&Rec students and anyone wanting to participate regularly at the Goffstown Parks&Rec. Starting in September of this year, tuition will be increasing by $10. I do apologize for any issues or inconveniences this may cause. I did not make this decision lightly and there are were reasons for it. Again, I apologize for the any issues or inconveniences.

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