June 22nd, 2012 /

Knowledge Questions For Bulsajo TaeKwonDo v1.5

*High ranks should be ready to answer any questions from this sheet.
**Please ask instructors if you have any questions about the terminology or knowledge requirements listed.
***This page may be updated so please make sure you have the most up to date version

Who is considered the creator of TKD?
~ General Choi, Hong Hi.

In what year was TKD officially named?
~ 1955

Approximately how old is TKD?
~ 60 years old.

Where does TaeKwonDo come from?
~ Korea

What is the capital of South Korea?
~ Seoul.

How old are Korea’s Martial Arts roots?
~ Approximately 5,000 years old.

What does TaeKwonDo mean?
~Foot Hand Art OR The Way of the Foot and Hand.

What type of TKD do we practice?
~ World TaeKwonDo Federation or WTF TaeKwonDo.

If “Do” means ART or WAY, then what words do we use to represent them?
~Honor ~Respect ~Discipline ~Confidence ~Judgement

What is TaeKwonDo’s Ultimate Goal?
~ To make you a better person.

Who is your TKD Master?
~ Master Andrew Jefferson

Who is your TKD Grandmaster?
~ Grandmaster Nam Yell An.

In what Olympics and where, was TKD an exhibition sport?
~ 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.
~ 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.

In what Olympics and where, did TKD become an official Olympic sport?
~ 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

When was the World TKD Federation established?
~ May 28, 1973.

What is Sparring?
~ Practicing techniques against one or more people in an controlled environment.

Why do we do breaking?
~ It builds self-confidence and demonstrates the effectiveness of your newly learned skills without possible injury to a partner.

What is Poomse (Poom-say) (form)?
~ A sequence of movements including blocks, attacks, and stance work. Poom-say is used to improve our basics and further our understanding of martial arts.
Poom-say from no belt to black belt:
~ Kicho (basic)
~ Tae-Geuk (Bigness-Eternity)
~ Palgwe (Eight Trigrams)
~ Creative Poom-say
~ Koryo

What is Creative Poomse?
~A form created by advanced students to express who they are using TKD.

What is TKD Philosophy:
~ Respect each other.
~ Be honest.
~ Always help each other.
~ Stand by the weak.

What is the Difference between TaeKwonDo, Karate, and Kung-Fu?
~ Name of the style.
~ Country of origin.
~ Different forms.
~ Different rules and regulations for their sport versions.

What are some ancient Korean martial arts?
~ Subak
~ Taekkyeon
~ Yusul
~ Gwonbeop
~ Ssireum

Five Codes of TaeKwonDo:
1. Loyalty to Country.
2. Obedience to Parents.
3. Honor Friendship.
4. No Retreat in Battle.
5. In Fighting: Choose with Sense and Honor.

Five Elements of TKD Leadership:
1. Chi = Knowledge.
2. Shin = Credibility.
3. Inn = Virtue.
4. Yong = Courage.
5. Um = Discipline.

In Your Own Words:

~ Why did you start learning martial arts?
~ Is martial arts training what you thought it would be?
~ What was your goal when you first started?
~ How have you changed sense you started training?
~ What has been your greatest struggle?
~ Has training changed your outlook on life?
~ Do you have a new goal for yourself in TKD?
~ What is martial arts?
~ What is the meaning of Um & Yong?
~ What does it mean to be a senior belt?