June 22nd, 2012 /

Classes are broken down by day.

Monday / Tuesday is Basic Training days.

Don’t be fooled by the word Basic. While Master Andy does believe that our basics are the most important part of our physical training, he also wants to teach his student more challenging techniques to keep them learning new things and keep their passion strong. The typical Basics class consists of a warm up with stretching, basics training (Stances, Blocks, Strikes and Kicks), Poomse (Forms), self-defense / one step sparring techniques and cool down.

Wednesday is Sparring (YMCA only for now)

Sparring class consists of a fast paced warm up, stretching, techniques drills, fighting principles, sparring and cool down. Beginner students are not allowed to do contact sparring until green belt or if the Master feels they are ready for it. Sparring equipment is worn for protection. Students are taught to use there whole body for attack and defense.

 Thursday / Friday is “Misc” training days.

These classes will often be continuations of Basics and or Sparring classes. A good amount of attention is spent on Self-Defense and One Step Sparring Techniques along with poomse for beginners and creative poomse for advanced students. Weapons training and techniques against weapons are also taught in these classes.